Hovedbrosjyre Engelsk - version 7, may 2018

FINNØY HISTORY 1884 Nils N. Finnøy founded the company. He started as a blacksmith at 19 years old. 1895-96 Patented a new type of line hauling winch. 1900 Silver Medal for the winch at the World Exhibition in Paris. 1902 First engine delivered to the fishing vessel “ERLING”. With manually operated CP-propeller. 1913 First 4-cylinder engine above 100 hp. delivered. 1932 First hydraulic operated CP-propeller delivered. 1975 Last engine produced, totally 668 engines delivered. Built a new factory. Focus on reduction gearboxes and CP prop. 1976-77 Series of “small” gearboxes designed, G18 - G42 1979 First propeller in nozzle delivered 1985 Delivery of G50 gearbox, the first “large” gearbox 1989 Gearbox type G60-G70 developed. 2001 Extension of workshop. 2002 Gearbox type G80-G90 developed. 2004 New large propeller series developed. P95, P105, P125 Diameter 3,2 – 5,0m 2012-2015 New office building and extension of workshop Gearbox type G105 developed. Line hauling Winch Engine no 1 Testing of 4 cylinder engine, 1922 Workshop 2001 P105 – 4,0 m diameter New office in 2012