Hovedbrosjyre Engelsk - version 7, may 2018

REDUCTION GEARBOX FINNØY REDUCTION GEARBOX The gearbox range covers input powers from 150 kW and up to 12 000 kW. They are divided into 3 model types: - SINGLE STAGE REDUCTION GEARBOX, with vertical or horizontal offset - GXU REDUCTION GEARBOX - TWIN INPUT – SINGLE OUTPUT REDUCTION GEARBOX The gearboxes are manufactured with the following main components: - Cast iron gearbox housing - Input shaft arranged for flexible coupling - Hydraulic operated multi-plate clutch with soft-valve for secure and soft engagement - Gearwheels with hardened and ground helical teeth for silent operation - Common oil system for lubrication, clutch and pitch servo - Bearings of roller type with a low friction losses and long lifetime - Spherical roller thrust bearing with low friction losses and long lifetime - Output shaft with flange arrangement for connection to propeller shaft - Servo system for pitch adjustment built into the gearbox Below is our range of Single Stage gearboxes, from G18 to G105 G18F G23FK G27FK G30FK G35FK G42F G50FK G60FK G70FK G80FK G90FK G105FK G120FK